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After School Activities All Age Groups

A Productive Learning Framework Beyond School Hours

Expand your child’s learning potential with extra-curricular activities and interactive play-based learning activities after school hours.

After School Program

Education is more than what is taught within the classroom. It is a continuous process that is meant to boost and impart life skills as well as structured academic inputs. To promote an all-round learning experience, Oak Groves offers an After School Activities program that is designed to enhance the learning process of children beyond the classroom. This program encourages kids to develop meaningful connections, build their confidence, and learn how to cohabit with peers in a positive way.

Through a variety of fun activities and games that are based on Montessori principles, students can sharpen their creative minds while developing important interpersonal communication skills. They will be able to build new friendships as they take part in stimulating tasks designed to help them reach their full potential.

Learn More About the After School Activities ProgramLearn More About the After School Activities Program

Why Oak Groves’ After School Activities?

A scientifically designed curriculum

The Nino Group curriculum stimulates an active learning process among the little kids and allows them to learn from their surroundings.

Child-centric activities

The game-based, child-centric activities encouraged at the Nino Group allow the kids to interact more actively with their peers and develop practical skills early on.

Hands-on learning pedagogy

Our Montessori pedagogy follows a do-it-yourself learning approach where the kids learn by doing things themselves at their own pace.

Interactive & encouraging ecosystem

The classroom ecosystem at Oak Groves echoes a positive attitude towards learning and fosters a stimulating environment for the kids.

Highly-qualified teachers

Our teachers are thoroughly trained childcare specialists who actively foster a safe space where the kids feel encouraged, appreciated, and loved.