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Kindergarten 3+ Years

A Safe & Nurturing Learning Environment for Your Children

Kindle your child’s cognitive & emotional abilities with a wide variety of Montessori-based learning activities and provide them with unique opportunities for holistic development and growth.

Lower Kindergarten Learning Program - LKG

The Lower KG Program offered by Oak Groves is an innovative and comprehensive program designed to provide a unique classroom experience for children aged between 3 to 4 years, combining an exceptional blend of practical life exercises and sensorial activities. The children learn the basics of the standard number work, alphabets, shapes, and colors, which hone their cognitive and creative skills. The games & activities engage the students and nurture their communication & social skills, boosting their confidence to participate in highly interactive environments.

Learn More About the LKG ProgramLearn More About the LKG Program

Upper Kindergarten Learning Program - UKG

The UKG Program at Oak Groves is designed to ensure that young children aged between 5 and 6 years have a fun, engaging, and wholesome kindergarten experience. It follows the Montessori philosophy of learning and is structured around a holistic curriculum that focuses on exploration, creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on activities. The UKG curriculum imparts in the kids a deeper knowledge about the natural world, language, and numbers, while at the same time cultivating their reading & writing abilities.

Learn More About the UKG ProgramLearn More About the UKG Program

Physical Development:

Our sprawling resources at Oak Groves and a well-monitored environment provide the perfect opportunity for kids to expand their motor skills in an environment that encourages self-confidence and independence.

Social & Emotional Development

Our priority at Oak Groves is to create a safe and comfortable environment for your child. A warm and homely learning environment facilitates healthy routines and builds social and emotional sensibilities in your child.

Cognitive Development:

Through outdoor play, age-appropriate puzzles, and gamified activities we focus on areas such as language exploration, information processing, and reasoning, which cultivate perception and thinking skills in kids, thus enriching their thought processes from an early stage.

Creative Development:

Oak Groves nurtures each kid’s innate creativity from an early age and boosts their emotional and cognitive development by imparting in them the freedom of expression as well as explorative learning experiences.

Why Oak Groves Kindergarten?

The unique Montessori methodology

The Montessori principles followed by Oak Groves boast a learning environment that offers the little kids a stimulating & structured ecosystem where they are encouraged to act & interact emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

A scientifically designed curriculum

The age-appropriate curriculum of each Kindergarten program stimulates an active learning process among the little kids and allows them to learn from their surroundings.

1:6 teacher-child ratio

The 1:6 teacher-child ratio maintained at Oak Groves ensures individualized attention and support to each kid as their unique requirements are promptly addressed with proactive care and attention from the dedicated staff.

Child-centric activities

The game-based, child-centric activities encouraged at the Kindergarten programs allow the kids to interact more actively with their peers and develop practical skills early on.

Hands-on learning pedagogy

Our Montessori pedagogy follows a do-it-yourself learning approach where the kids learn by doing things themselves at their own pace.

Interactive & encouraging ecosystem

The classroom ecosystem at Oak Groves echoes a positive attitude towards learning and fosters a stimulating environment for the kids.

Highly-qualified teachers

Our teachers are thoroughly trained childcare specialists who actively foster a safe space where the kids feel encouraged, appreciated, and loved.