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Nino Club (15+ Months)

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Lay the Groundwork for Your Child’s Holistic Development
Stimulate your child’s senses with a dynamic range of Montessori-based learning activities and provide unique opportunities for all-round development.

Toddlers’ Program

The Oak Groves Nino Group offers a stand-out Toddlers’ curriculum that is specially designed to make the transition from home to school not just interesting but also enjoyable for the little ones. The Toddlers’ Program offers a unique scientifically approved approach to learning that simultaneously helps parents bond with their children beyond their home. The interactive and highly stimulating environment allows for the perfect opportunities for the little children to explore their surroundings and nourish cognitive and behavioral growth within their first peer group.

Learn More About the Toddlers’ ProgramLearn More About the Toddlers’ Program


The curriculum provided by Oak Groves’ Playgroup Program offers a seamless continuation in learning from the Toddlers’ program for the little kids. In this group, the little children are introduced to the initial stage of a play-based learning approach that fosters experience-based cognitive, creative, emotional, and physical development. Fun activities and games including arts & crafts, storytelling, color matching, etc. encourage the children to interact with each other in a positive way while stimulating their curiosity and creativity fostering their overall development.

Learn More About the Playgroup ProgramLearn More About the Playgroup Program

Physical Development:

Every child needs a safe space to spread their wings and grow. Our sprawling resources at Oak Groves and a well-monitored environment provide the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their motor skills and thrive. The physical development of the children continues hand-in-hand with their emotional growth, encouraging a sense of awareness, self-confidence, and independence.

Social & Emotional Development

For kids this young, one of the most important things is to ensure that they experience a smooth transition from home to school. Considering this, our priority at Oak Groves is to create a safe and comfortable environment for your child. A warm and homely learning environment facilitates healthy routines and builds social and emotional sensibilities in your child.

Cognitive Development:

At Oak Groves, we understand how essential it is for little kids to learn to think logically from a very young age. Our Nino Group curriculum focuses on areas of cognitive development such as language exploration, information processing, reasoning, etc. to foster the development of perception and thinking skills in little kids. Outdoor play modules, age-appropriate puzzles, and gamified activities help children explore and enrich their thought processes.

Creative Development:

Nurturing each kid’s innate creativity from an early age can boost their emotional and cognitive development by imparting in them the freedom of expression as well as explorative learning experiences. Oak Groves makes sure that each child in our care gets the best foundation of knowledge & experience when it comes to creative and intellectual development.

The Unique Montessori Methodology

Oak Groves’ Nino Group learning programs are founded upon the Montessori principles and boast a learning environment that offers the little kids a stimulating & structured ecosystem where they are encouraged to act & interact emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

1:6 Teacher-Child Ratio

The Nino Group at Oak Groves maintains a 1:6 teacher-child ratio, providing individualized attention and support to each kid and addressing their unique requirements with proactive care and attention from dedicated, well-trained teachers and support staff.

Why Oak Groves Nino Group?

A scientifically designed curriculum

The Nino Group curriculum stimulates an active learning process among the little kids and allows them to learn from their surroundings.

Child-centric activities

The game-based, child-centric activities encouraged at the Nino Group allow the kids to interact more actively with their peers and develop practical skills early on.

Hands-on learning pedagogy

Our Montessori pedagogy follows a do-it-yourself learning approach where the kids learn by doing things themselves at their own pace.

Interactive & encouraging ecosystem

The classroom ecosystem at Oak Groves echoes a positive attitude towards learning and fosters a stimulating environment for the kids.

Highly-qualified teachers

Our teachers are thoroughly trained childcare specialists who actively foster a safe space where the kids feel encouraged, appreciated, and loved.