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Leadership Team

Founder's Note

Welcome!! I am so glad to see you visiting our website. Learning is an activity we do every day and the best part is that we don’t even realize that we are indulging in the process of learning. By looking at the person gift wrapping a box, you learn how he folds the gift paper and packs the box within seconds. By looking at the cook, you learn a new way of flipping the bun. By looking at the footballer kick the ball, you learn how to turn your foot at the exact moment of kicking and the point where to kick the ball that it bends at the correct angle to hit the net. Learning is a never-ending process that works nonstop in our brains. AND my passion is to teach, making others learn. The moment I make somebody learn something, I get my sense of achievement. In my teaching career all these past years, I have held high posts of leading others and I have felt that attainment every single day of making someone learn something. But I haven’t been pacified. I want more of that accomplishment of making everyone learn something new every day. Oak Groves is my step to team up with people who share this goal with me and I aim at Oak Groves flourishing into one huge family of learners who will also thrive not only as towers but also as anchors of human kind. Let’s never stop learning!!