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The abacus method is a system of learning maths by performing mental calculations visualising an abacus. A study conducted by researchers from prestigious American universities, namely the University of California, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Skidmore College confirmed that learning Abacus helps enhance the mental skills of the students by teaching them to perform calculations mentally rather than memorising them. It also leads to lasting effects on the person’s thought process. Abacus training helps the students perform simple to complex mathematical problems from addition, subtraction, division, multiplication to calculating the decimals, square roots, as well as cube roots.

Starting abacus training at an early age benefits the child as the majority of the brain development occurs up to the age of 13 and then gradually slows down. The earlier the child starts learning how to perform calculations mentally, the earlier they will be able to apply

This skill and perform better in school as well as other areas of life. Give your child the gift of a better tomorrow when you enrol them in Abacus training. Our teachers enhance the learners’ mathematical abilities which will not only help them excel in their scholastic studies but will also be an important asset for their lifetime.

Learner’s Outcome

  • Ability to perform complex calculations with high speed and accuracy
  • It enhances focus and concentration
  • Improves problem-solving skills, in maths as well as other areas of life
  • Promotes critical thinking that helps figure out solutions easily


  • Desire to learn