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What started as a rural dance in the Dominican Republic has now managed to gain worldwide popularity. Bachata is a rhythmic and sensual dance that is performed with a partner. The most noteworthy characteristic of this dance form is the hip movements. To date, Bachata continues to grow and evolve. Some of the different styles include Dominican or the Original bachata characterised by fast-paced footwork and turns, Bachata Moderna which is a mix of various techniques and requires a lot of energy, and the Traditional style which is the most widely spread across the globe. You can find some influences of Salsa dancing in Bachata but what sets the latter apart is its slower music and energy. In recent times the influence and incorporation of different styles and techniques from contemporary, modern dance, hip-hop, can also be easily found.

Learner’s outcome

  • To help you fundamentally decide about learning Bachata dance, here are some of the benefits.
  • Improves silhouette by working on the legs and buttocks
  • Helps lose calories
  • Enhances agility and flexibility
  • Increases muscle strength and physical endurance, preventing diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Improves mental health by reducing stress levels
  • Increases confidence
  • Boosts memory

Learning a new skill can not only impact your life but also help in improving it. Let yourself loose and learn Bachata dancing under the guidance of our experienced instructors and mentors. Bachata dance is a skill that can be beneficial for your overall wellness.


  • Zeal for learning