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Ballet is an elite Italian dance form that involves immense grace, posture and technical understanding of movements. This is an influential dance form that demands working on your core strength to perform dance moves under the guidance of trained artists. Poised professionals can infuse proper Ballet dance training and unveil the broader classification of this dance form that includes Neoclassical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Classical Ballet.

Learner’s outcome

  • Ballet can be a hobby or a passion depending on your urge and desire to attain mastery in this dance form.
  • Beginner-level ballet dance classes involve working on the muscles and basic techniques to get the right style of this well-defined dance form.
  • Equip yourself with the basics of Ballet, and then you can take your passion to a level up with regular persistence, patience and perseverance.


  • Ballet is an evocative dance form when your body language and appearance add value to the final output.
  • Beginners of ballet dance need to invest in good quality ballet shoes, ballet tights and a comfortable costume to accentuate hand gestures and movements to groove with the rhythm.
  • Extension of postures and a disciplined learning approach can help you acquire desired excellence in this dance.
  • The amalgamation of facial expressions, gestures, footsteps, toe work, beats and rhythm make you a pro ballet dancer.