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Belly Dance

Belly dancing is feminine and joyful. It is characterised by undulations of the belly and intricate movements of the hip and breasts. It originated in the Middle East and has crossed cultural boundaries to become the evolved form of dance that we see today. Contrary to popular opinion, belly dance is not a seductive dance and it was never intended to be one. It was performed in family ceremonies such as weddings, birth announcements and other important functions. It is also well known for its ability to help in the pre and postnatal care of women by toning the abdominal muscles. In recent years, the popularity of belly dancing has surged, more so for its health benefits. A great way to stay fit and healthy while getting some groove on.

Learner’s Outcome

Physical Benefits

    • Improves posture and balance
    • Builds body strength
    • Helps in toning the muscles
    • Strengthens the bones, joints and back muscles
    • Relieves joint pains
    • Increases bone density thereby preventing osteoporosis

Psychological Benefits

    • Increases confidence
    • Builds social skills
    • Helps in staying calm and relaxed
    • Reduces stress levels
    • Boosts self-esteem

In order to receive these benefits, you must start belly dancing. You will be surprised to find whole new confidence in yourself and your body. It is difficult to not get addicted to an activity that is so fun and energising. Unwind and take a break from your monotonous routine to shimmy all your worries away.


  • A desire to learn