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C, C++, C#

The C is the most widely used programming language that was published nearly 40 years ago. It is a low-level programming language, works efficiently, provides base-level access to memory and requires very little runtime support. Some programmers suggest it to be the best programming language to start with because it provides the base for many newer languages.

C#, pronounced as “C sharp” is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language inspired by the original C language. The C# is well-suited for all kinds of projects for general object-oriented programming and is a popular choice for windows software development, back end web services, and database-heavy applications.

C++ was derived from the original C language. The primary use of C++ is in console applications. The object-oriented programming language is a great choice for large, performance-sensitive projects such as high-end video games and graphics programming.

Learner’s Outcome

  • It provides a strong base and enables you to master advanced programming languages faster as almost all of them are built by C/C++.
  • Helps in gaining a better performance by making you aware of how programming languages work at their lowest level.
  • Provides a better understanding of fundamental computer theories.
  • They are still one of the most popular programming languages and they will continue to be so.

Getting started with coding and learning a new programming language can be a daunting task but with the help of our expert teachers, you can gain all the skills and techniques needed to master it.


  • Basic knowledge of computers