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Calligraphy is a form of visual art and is related to writing. It involves an expressive way of giving an art form to signs skilfully. Modern calligraphy follows the traditional methods and provides creative freedom to the artist. It is controlled by individual structure strokes that form the basics of the letters. It can range from fine-art drawings to functional inscriptions.

Calligraphy finds its use across several works of art like invitations at events or weddings, hand-created logos, graphic designs, religious texts, font designs, etc. It can also be used in films as moving text. The letters must be consistent with increasing harmony, and the artist can choose the size, height, and angle according to their wishes.

You can practice calligraphy with several tools, but the basic needs for calligraphy are simple. The tools include:

  • Pencil
  • Brush pens
  • Classic dip pens
  • Broad nib pens
  • Markers

Learner’s outcome

    • Calligraphy can help improve memory retention and motor skills.
    • It enhances creative potential and promotes critical thinking.
    • You can gain confidence and immediately do justice to your thoughts.
    • The artist can find it easier to connect with other people and stay relaxed.

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  • An interest to learn.