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CASA Preschool Sessions

Your child must absorb the culture of society. The child must also have new experiences as they start their journey toward growth and learning. Our online CASA sessions help children learn in phases as they grow. We are also well-equipped with advanced learning techniques that help children absorb all aspects of the language, environment, and culture faster. Our curriculum gradually shifts to the abstract, and the child understands what is being taught. It offers them freedom within limits, and they become intrinsic learners.

The presentations are carried out one-on-one/ group both and only one concept is presented at a time . They are provided with concrete materials that can help in their discoveries. They are also introduced to practical life and discriminate against the finer differences presented before them.

Learner’s outcome

  • It helps kids to gain better motor control. CASA training has various specially designed learning activities that allow kids to practice their gross motor skills. Practicing motor skills helps to improve their motor control.
  • It helps kids to do regular tasks efficiently. This training program also includes coordination of hands and eyes, which is essential for performing any task.
  • It helps kids learn to use their sensory organs to understand sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. Your child learns concepts like hot and cold, sweet and sour etc.
  • It improves basic mathematical concepts in kids. This training includes number and symbol learning that improves your child’s basic mathematical knowledge.
  • It helps kids speak properly using adequate language and write the alphabet.
  • This training is beneficial for your child’s brain growth.