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Concept Courses Classes

Your child must have an adequate understanding of various aspects before reaching junior school. They are taught about words and phrases and their usage through examples. The children are also taken through the baby steps in reading while knowing the basics of syntaxes, semantics, etc.

The mathematics lessons are carried out one-on-one, and only one concept is presented. They are provided with concrete materials that can help in their discoveries. They are also introduced to practical life and discriminate against the finer differences presented before them.

Learner’s outcome

  • It helps kids to learn about real-world concepts and become aware of their surroundings. It introduces small real-world concepts like animals, roads, trees, flowers, insects and many other concepts and helps kids understand their basic meaning.
  • It can build the foundation for your kid’s early school days when they learn basic concepts like words, phrases, numbers and other things. This knowledge helps to understand different subjects of the school easily.
  • It promotes children’s mental growth. Your kid has a fresh brain that can learn anything faster than anyone. This is why they need proper training at the right time to grow their mental ability. Knowing about various concepts will help to expand their mental ability efficiently.
  • It helps to increase your kid’s thinking and imagination. When kids are introduced to a different concept from numbers, symbols, animals and others things, they start to think creatively and learn to use their imagination.


3 years – 5 years