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Creative Writing

You must freely express thoughts through writing. You can quickly express your views, which is helpful in your career or turning a new corner by moving into content writing. But how do you have the proper grooming to be a great writer? Don’t fret anymore! Help is at hand. We at Oaks On have a personalised creative writing session which will allow you to master the art of creative writing.

Our online sessions have been designed by experts who have several years of teaching the art of thinking and writing. When you practice creative writing regularly, you become confident about your writing skills.

It is ideal for digital marketers and graphics designers who can have another aspect in their portfolio and write the content themselves. They can improve their business and add creative writing as one of their services. However, they must be regular in their efforts. It is what our experts had in mind when designing the course curriculum.

We also have customised courses for kids, and we have considered their psychological attributes when creating the courseware for them.

How our training courses score over the rest

Finding the perfect words
    • You must use the right words in the right places to sound coherent and add meaning to the writing. Our online courses emphasise helping you choose the ideal words by enhancing your vocabulary.
More focus on visuals
      • Our online curriculum has ample inclusion of visuals which helps you grasp the concepts faster. The concepts are deeply ingrained in you to enhance your creative writing skills.
Encouraging reading habits
        • Our advanced curriculum lays stress on enhancing your reading habits. Your vocabulary is also improved as you progress over the course.

Collaborative content and teaching practices for children

Proper prompts in the right places
          • We handhold children as they start expressing their thoughts through language. There are good prompts in the right areas, which help them learn faster.
Writing challenges
            • There are writing challenges which help children learn faster. They are also taught how to edit stories.
            • Opt for a trial session to assess our training module.
            • You will love it in the first instance.
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          • Willingness to learn
          • Time to practice