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Foreign Language Courses

Many of us look forward to being business counsellors but do not know how to start. We have specific courses to help you! The best brains curate our online courses, and you can clearly understand the various aspects of counselling. The courseware is creative and comprehensive, which gives you an unparalleled learning experience.

Learning foreign languages online is now fun. Watch fun videos and learn at your own pace.

    • Quick but small sessions make learning new languages a breeze. Learning with us is fun, as you become experts in new foreign languages quickly.
    • Our all-encompassing language courses are ideal for all ages, whether for career enhancements or a school curriculum. There is a deep focus on phonetics, allowing people of all ages to learn new languages faster.
    • We at Oaks On are accountable for the success of our learners. We provide foreign language courses in German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean.

Efficient learning modules

      • Language experts have created our courses. There is a comprehensive focus on reading and writing skills. The teachers consider the problems that can arise due to online teaching and have to incorporate proper safeguards to ensure the modules are communicative and use uncomplicated language.

Considers global standards and best practices

        • The modules consider globally accepted communication for language courses. We are aligned with the international standards for creating online language courses. The modules are iterative and can communicate well with students of all ages.

Students remain motivated in the course

          • Several courses turn out to be a damp squib. Students lose focus and discontinue the course shortly. We use advanced technologies that help the students better grasp the language. The lessons are personalised to help the students at their ideal pace.

Learning Anytime. Anywhere.

            • Students get access to compact learning modules designed by experts in the language. Learners can benefit from the online modules as they can continue with the curriculum at their own pace. The courseware can be accessed from anywhere if you have an internet connection.
            • Our modules allow the students to have a comprehensive study plan. The intuitive modules enable the students to use advanced technologies to learn challenging words. It is easy to grasp the finer nuances of the language, and there are self-paced tests for you to assess your language skills.


          • Willingness to learn
          • Time to practice