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Freestyle Dance

Freestyle dancing is a form of dance that is not choreographed ahead of time. It allows dancers to bring out their creativity by devising their own steps and improvising at the moment. It came into existence in the early 1970s when dancers began to perform in the streets and other public areas. Hence, it is often called street dancing owing to its discovery outside of the traditional dance studios. Freestyle dancing is a unique form of self-expression and there is certainly no wrong way of doing it. Every dancer feels the music and intuitively decides the movements that would go with it, this gives the audience an original dance experience. To be able to come up with steps and choreography in the spur of the moment takes a lot of practice and knowledge of various dance forms. It has given birth to various other dance forms like street jazz, krumping, breakdancing, popping and locking.

Learner’s Outcome

Not only does freestyle dancing enhance the dancer’s creativity but brings a host of positive changes like-

    • Boosts coordination
    • Improves cardiovascular health
    • Increases strength
    • Improves body balance
    • Boosts cognitive performance
    • Improves mental and emotional health

While freestyle dancing is mainly done to express the dancer’s creativity and is based on individual improvisation, everyone does require a push to get started. Freestyle dance classes will expose you to an environment that will help in expanding your dancing abilities.


  • The desire to learn