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Handwriting & Speedwriting Classes

Your child must develop writing skills early. It will help them develop their cognitive skills early in their life. Our handwriting teachers ensure your toddler gathers the talent to help activate multiple areas in their brain. The children are taught the proper grip as they are introduced to cursive writing and speed writing. We start teaching them cursive writing by introducing them to symbols.

Learner’s outcome

  • It improves the writing quality of your kids. When kids start writing, their handwriting is unstable and, at times, unreadable. Improving the quality of writing helps kids to form beautiful letters on paper.
  • It stimulates different areas of your child’s brain. Introducing different writing styles and symbols helps your kids to explore new things and improves their cognitive ability.
  • It promotes a better grip for writing. A good grip on the pencil, pen or chalk is essential to write clear alphabets. Here, children learn proper gripping skills when introduced to cursive writing.
  • It improvises the writing pace of your kid. Many children write clear and beautiful alphabets, but they write very slow. But their writing speed can improve if they get proper training for writing.
  • If you want your child to write clear and beautiful alphabets, so they do not face any problems in their schools, visit Oak Groves for preschool handwriting courses provided by experts.


3 years +