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Hip Hop

Most famous of all the street dance styles, Hip Hop style twirls around the hip-hop beats and is a culture in itself. similar to other natural dance styles like Rock, Jazz and Tap; this is yet another freestyle dance that demands flexibility, practice and rhythmic movements. The taps and waves have an evident inspiration from the African street style dance. Integrating swings, complex movements and knack of beats into fusion music creates a perfect blend for Hip Hop Dance.

Learner’s Outcome

Our Hip Hop dance class for beginners includes multiple individual and group sessions to help you groove and understand every single beat. Hip Hop dance for beginners can be great fun as the original charm of this dance form is grooving and bouncing to the rhythm of music.


  • Unwind yourself to the online Hip Hop tutorials and seek finesse in hand gestures, bodily movements and facial expressions that make you immerse in this dance form.
  • Experienced trainers and polished dancers are right here waiting to shape your passion while forming a community of Hip-Hop dancers.
  • Enter the funroom and invest time in bonding over music, rhythm, personal health and development at one go.