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Ink Painting

Ink painting, also called ink wash painting, is a Chinese ink brush art form. The ink art primarily used black ink, as popularly used in Chinese calligraphy, but has evolved to more vibrant & colourful inks in modern times. The ink art form uses ink as a medium, which is incredibly versatile. They are very different to water colours but present more fluidity and colour intensity in artworks.

Ink art emerged during the Chinese Tang dynasty and flourished under the Song dynasty, and still continues as a major art oriental art form even today. It was introduced in Japan well into the 14th century. In the past, ink wash painting formed a distinct tradition of stylistic art in China & Japan, and involved a set of artists very different from those associated with other types of art.

The traditional ink wash medium has been gradually accommodated within the modern traditions. Painting with inks is widely preferred by a diverse range of modern artists and they bring a sense of a mystery & authenticity to the artworks.

You shall need the following key supplies for ink painting

  • Painting brushes typically made from bamboo and featuring tapered brush hairs.
  • Inkstick & inkstone (traditionally used)
  • Liquid inks
  • Drawing surface or paper
  • Water
  • Towel

Learner’s outcome

  • Ink painting is extremely versatile.
  • Helps in learning about tonal contrasts.
  • Can be drawn using a brush, nib or stick.
  • Easy to create different effects.
  • Can add textures & details in artworks.

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  • An interest to learn.