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Kathak Dance

Graceful hand gestures, rhythmic footwork, precise facial expressions, traditional Indian outfits and enchanting sound of the anklet bells in harmony with classical North Indian music all come together in this Indian classical dance form- Kathak. The centuries-old dance form originated as a way of storytelling portraying tales from Indian mythology. Kathak has survived through various cultural and social changes and has evolved into a sophisticated form of entertainment. Today, it is one of the most distinct forms of dance and is performed all around the globe.

Learning a classical dance form such as Kathak provides the learners with plenty of benefits, both for the body as well as the mind. Some of these include-

  • Giving the body a good posture and balance
  • An active lifestyle
  • Offering grace and confidence
  • Enhancing focus
  • Coordination and discipline
  • Cultural awareness
  • Personal growth

Whether you are an adult who wants to take a break from the stressful 9-5 lifestyle or a parent who wishes that their children partake in an activity that helps with their overall personality development, Kathak is a dance form for everyone. And there is no better way than to learn it from our experts and experienced trainers who have spent years perfecting their craft.

  • Pre-requisites
  • Ready mind
  • Fit body
  • Complete focus

A combination of these three things will ensure that learners can grasp the knowledge of the art form, listen to the instructions and practice them. They will be able to enjoy the journey, move forward faster and become confident in themselves.