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Manipuri Dance Classes Online

Manipuri is the traditional dance form of the north-eastern state of Manipur. As are all classical dances, Manipuri was originally performed in temples. The dance-drama depicts tales of Radha and Krishna and is devotional in nature. The distinguishing features of Manipuri dance are striking facial expressions as well as graceful lyrical movements of the hand, upper body and feet. A major difference between Manipuri and other Indian classical dance forms is that Manipuri dancers do not wear ankle bells. The footwork is light and graceful and is close to the floor. While the movements performed by females are subtle and fluid, the ones performed by males are more energetic and even include acrobatic elements. The combination of elegant and effortless dance movements amalgamated with devotional music give an illusion of floating angels.

The Manipuri Dance has come up with three different styles which are named Danda Rasak, Tal Rasak, and Mandal Rasak. The leading dancers of this particular dance form are known as Maibis and Maibas. It mainly showcases the battle sequences in a dance form. Both men and women perform Manipuri dance traditionally which is accompanied by congregational singing and chanting.

The Manipuri dance usually performs one time during Vasant Rasa in the Holi festival and three times in the autumn. The thing that sets the Manipuri dancers apart is their costumes. It is very unique and beautiful. Because of its uniqueness, many people are now joining the best online classes to learn Manipuri dance.

The attire of the male dancer is a bright-colored dhotra or dhoti which gives them the flexibility to show their footwork. On the other hand, male drummers wear a white dhoti along with a shawl and turban. Female dancers wear the potloi dress which is the representation of Gopis. The barrel-shaped long skirt with a tight bottom is known as Kumin which is a famous attire of Manipuri dance.

Manipuri dance helps the learner connect with nature and the cosmos. Learning this dance can help you benefit in so many ways.

  • Learner’s Outcome
  • Proper body control
  • Peace of mind
  • A balanced lifestyle
  • Builds focus, awareness and sharpens the memory
  • Keeps one fit and healthy

It doesn’t matter if you’re 10, 25 or 45, don’t be afraid to learn something new. Get started on your journey to learn the graceful art of Manipuri dance with our experienced teachers and trainers who will guide you every step of the way.


  • An ability to learn
  • A knack for trying new things
  • Attentive attitude