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A dance form that focuses more on the movements that arise from the dancer’s own interpretations rather than structured steps, modern dance allows the dancers to explore their creativity through movement. It is about conveying thoughts and emotions with each dance step. It developed as a rebellion against highly technical and traditional dance forms like classical ballet that forced rigid rules upon the dancers. Modern dance managed to break free from the constraints of traditional dance forms and provided the dancers with the ability to freely express themselves through their movements. Although you can find some influences of other dance styles, what differentiates modern dance is its dynamic and stylistic movements. Through floor work, jumps, leaps and improvisations, modern dance builds a versatile dancer and performer.

Learner’s Outcome

  • Dance is an activity that is beneficial to the body, mind as well as the soul. Some of the outcomes you can expect from learning Modern dance are :
  • Relieves stress
  • Develops confidence
  • Enhances concentration
  • Enhances posture and body language
  • Provides a creative medium
  • Helps in overall fitness

Learning dance does not mean you must pursue it professionally. Dance brings joy and a lot of positive benefits in one’s life. Exposing children to a skill that is beneficial in the all-around growth of the child can be a great investment for any parent.


  • A flair for learning