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Mohiniyattam Dance Classes Online

Mohiniyattam is a solo classical dance that originated in God’s Own County, Kerala. The literal translation of Mohiniyattam is the dance of ‘Mohini’. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to distract the demon and saved the universe from destruction. This myth is the core of every Mohiniyattam performance. Mohiniyattam dance that is performed today has evolved itself through a lengthy period. The movements used in Mohiniyattam are delicate, graceful and do not consist of any sudden jerks or leaps. Emphasis is laid on subtle facial expressions and undulating body movements that enchant everyone who witnesses it. The dancer portrays the exact sentiments through hand gestures and facial expressions. The classical Carnatic music ensemble provides the music for a Mohiniyattam performance. From being performed exclusively in temples to stages across the globe, Mohiniyattam continues to grow as a dance form.

The dance form Mohiniyattam is consisted of about 40 different basic dance movements which are known as adavukal. The performance style of the Mohiniyattam dance is characterized by the gentle movements of the hips and a straight body posture without sudden jumps. It basically falls in the category of the Lasya style which is graceful, tender, and more feminine.

It follows several sign languages or mudras that have been adopted from an ancient Hastha Lakhshanadeepika which you can learn in the Best Mohiniyattam Dance Classes Online. These mudras or sign languages are expressed through the palms and fingers. Mohiniyattam is associated with the dance musical instrument known as Chollu.

The simple yet elegant costume of the Mohiniyattam dance makes this dance form a unique one in India. The gorgeous attire that is used in the Mohiniyattam dance is one of the main aspects of this dance form. Here, an individual has to wear a white Saree that has a border of broad golden brocade which is known as Kasavu in Malayalam.

What does this dance form have in store for you as a learner?

  • Develop strong muscle in the thighs, central part of legs and ankles
  • Makes one more patient and disciplined
  • Promotes physical and mental well-being
  • Helps in toning the muscles
  • Increases the balance of the body
  • Enhances focus
  • Promotes Indian culture

As a parent, you can enrol your children who are as young as 7-8 years old and that will entitle them to long-term benefits of this art form. Adults can start learning Mohiniyattam to take up a hobby they gave up a long time ago or just as an escape from their routine life. Our classes are suited for everyone who is dedicated to learning this sophisticated dance form.


  • An interest in the dance form and an aptitude for learning.