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Nino Toddler Classes

Toddlers must be adequately nurtured in a positive environment. Most children taking online classes due to the pandemic must have an appropriate mental and physical environment. Our online Montessori programme for toddlers includes a high-quality preschool curriculum with individual attention to all children. We help the toddlers have freedom while learning and become intrinsic learners. Our customised curriculum helps them derive joy as they learn at their own pace.

Learner’s outcome

  • It helps kids have a healthy mental state. When kids learn online, they get flexibility and learn at their own pace. It helps to keep kids happy and in the right mental state.
  • It helps toddlers to thoroughly learn about different concepts. Nino toddler training helps your child understand different subjects and basic concepts related to regular life.
  • It promotes the brain power of children. This online Montessori training includes various play and fun activities that stimulate your child’s brain and improve their cognitive power.
  • It improves your kid’s interaction skills. Attending Nino toddlers training helps your kid to interact with the trainers and other kids and improves their communication or interaction skills.
  • It helps to build confidence in children. When kids attend this Montessori class regularly, they interact with teachers and become confident.


18 months to 2 years