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Online Bango Classes

Remember that rhythmic solo beat, the sound of which took you to African folk music? Those beats came from the bongo drums that are part of a family of Latin percussion instruments central to Afro-Cuban salsa music. Along with the congas and the timbales, bongos have helped define many decades of Cuban, Caribbean, Puerto Rican, and South American percussion music.

Bongos are played by using the hand, arm, and fingers. You may use any type of drums such as a cowbell or tambourine. You just need relaxed hands to play the bongo.

Learner’s outcome

  • Understanding the beats: Music is all about beats and rhythm. If you gain a good command over the understanding of beats then for sure you can be a great musician. Now you might be thinking that how is it possible, right? While you learn to play the bongo, you will be taught about the timing, the rhythm and the beats Bongo is an instrument which is played by hand, finger and arm so while you learn to play this instrument, you also learn to understand the beat. Because if you lack the understanding of beats, you won’t be able to play the bongo in a better way. So the very first thing that you will learn and understand in this course is the beat.
    • Synchronising the beats to the rhythm of surrounding music: Bongo is usually played along with the other instruments and so when you learn to play the bongo, it is also taught how to sync with others. The skills to synchronise with the beats and rhythm that is been played around you to produce the required music is been taught throughout the learning process of bongo so that you can do better in it.
    • Playing simple beats: Being a beginner in the bongo instrument, it is taken care that you are not overburdened. So, while learning bongo you will be learning to play simple beats on it which are quite easier and entertaining.
    • Graduating to more complex beats: Once you grasp over the simple beats of the bongo course then gradually you will be taught about the complex ones. Everything will systematically take place so that you don’t end up being confused or frustrated. While you graduate, you will have a great command of playing complex beats on the bongo.
    • Playing the bongo to sync with simple songs: Once you learn the beats, you will also be taught to play the bongo along with other music and how to sync with it. This will help you out if you opt for bongo in your career by being a musician or something related to it.
    • Creating your music: Do you know that you can create your music? Yes, this is the biggest plus point of learning an instrument like the bongo. Take Online  Bango Classes with Oak Groves.


  • A bongo drum.
  • Sense of beats in music.
  • Time to practice.