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Online Cajon Classes

Cajons are box-shaped percussion instruments originating from Peru. The instrument is played by slapping the front or rear faces of the box, which are usually made of thin plywood. Hands, fingers, sticks and mallets are popularly used to slap the box, producing a booming sound. The term cajon is also used to refer to similar box-shaped instruments & drums of Latin American-Caribbean music traditions, primarily the Mexican cajon de tapeo and the Cuban cajon de rumba.

Cajons are aboriginals of Afro-Peruvian music, believed to be developed by west & central African slaves in the Americas. But, the instrument has now been adopted into the folkloric musical traditions of southern Spain, the flamenco. Today, this instrument is a common accompaniment in a diverse range of musical styles & genres across the world. Since the 2000s, the cajon has been heard extensively in popular music, including pop, blues, jazz, rock, etc.

Learner’s outcome

Cajons are easy to learn: Have you ever tried playing Cajon? If not, then you must give it a try. These instruments are widely used in pop, jazz and rock music since the 2000s and it leaves a much more cool impact on the audience. We all try to play music while sitting on a table or by beating on any other object around us.

Then why can’t you put some extra effort into producing a rhythmic sound by playing Cajon? Cajon is an easy instrument to be learned. So, if you are a beginner and want to rock the stage with your performance then c’mon, it’s high time to learn to play Cajon.

  • Provides a creative way to enhance hand-body coordination: Cajon is an instrument which is made from plywoods, they require the correct coordination between your hands and body while playing the music. So, when you learn to play Cajon you also learn to coordinate better between your hand and body.
  • Promotes self-expression: Music has always been a medium for expressing one’s feelings and thoughts. When you play Cajon you can easily promote yourself, and your thoughts and express what’s inside you.
  • Regular practice and focus on playing the instrument helps in coping with premature ageing: Cajon is quite a cool instrument which is used in rock, pop and jazz kind of music which in itself makes you look younger and feel younger. Other than that, playing an instrument requires your focus, and concentration along with physical activity by moving your hands and body. All these together help you in coping with the ageing factor. So, what are you thinking of? Stay young and live long with the skills to play Cajon.
  • Reduces stress: While you are stressed out, you might usually feel low and lonely. In such times, Cajon can be your best friend as you can play Cajon and feel refreshed, calm and relaxed which would reduce your stress.
  • Facilitates blood circulation and thus keeps the body healthy: In the process of playing Cajon a lot of physical and mental activity is involved. So, when you learn to play Cajon you also learn to stay focused, concentrated are determined towards playing the instrument which involves a lot of physical movement. All these lets you stay relaxed, and calm and also facilitate your blood circulation which keeps your body healthy.

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