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Online Drums Classes

No!! Drums aren’t always noisy. Drums are the ones that add the beat to the music that makes you tap your feet and makes you stand up and move. Drums are responsible for millions that are dancing this very moment around the world.

Learner’s outcome

  • Basics of drumming: Every pro has always been a beginner. So, before you start learning how to play the drums, it is very important to know and understand the basics. When the course starts, you will be taught about the basics of the drums and this knowledge is the same for everyone. If you understand the basics today then you won’t face any problems in playing the drums later on. So make your base strong by having a good command of the basics of drumming.
    • How to set up the drums: To be a drummer, it is very essential to understand the set-up of drums. If you can’t set the drums then you can never be a drummer. So, remember that you need to understand the basics and then learn how to set up the drums.
    • Holding the drumsticks: Once you understand the basics and set-up of drums, the other main thing that is taught is to hold the drumsticks. You would have seen the drummers easily playing with drumsticks, right? But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. So, be very careful and focused while you learn this step.
    • Basic beats: When you are dining with the basics then the course proceeds by making you understand and play the basic beats.
    • Developing rhythms and patterns: Developing rhythms and patterns are a quite difficult part of learning to play the drums but if you stay confident and dedicated then everything will be possible.
    • Play your favourite songs: Understanding the basics, the set-up, holding of drumsticks, and understanding beats, rhythm and patterns; you will be able to play your favourite songs on the drum. Doesn’t this sound exciting? If yes, then what are you still thinking of? Get yourself enrolled and learn to play the drums.
    • Learn to create music: The majority of drummers know to play the drums in others’ music but it’s very rare of them who knows to create music. But don’t worry you can stand out from the crowd with your focus, dedication and confidence. You will be able to create your music and let people roll on it.
    • Opportunities: When you will acquire the skills to stand out from the crowd then why won’t you use them? Yes, you can make out several opportunities from the skills of playing the drums. You can be a great musician, a teacher or any such personality related to it. Learn Online Drums Classes with Oak Groves.


  • You, the drummer.
  • Drums.
  • Focus.
  • Practice.