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Online Guitar Classes

The sweet melody of pulling the strings of a guitar, the soothing music produced by the lifeless looking strings. Who could have imagined singing a song and making music out of a guitar? Playing a guitar improves your focus and patience. It helps improve your memory. You learn how to multitask.

Learner’s outcome

  • Learn the strings and their tuning: The guitar is an instrument which is all about strings. So what do you expect at the beginning of the course? Yes, you will be taught about the strings and tuning of the strings because this plays the most important role in the playing of the guitar.
    • Learn the notations and how to use them in creating music: People who don’t have a musical background might find understanding notations quite difficult but everything is possible if you stay dedicated and focused. So, once you understand the strings and it’s tuning then you will be asked to learn the notations. Without the knowledge of notations, there can be no music so to play the guitar, it’s very essential to learn the notations and their usage in creating music.
    • Use of fingers in controlling the strings and their music: It is said that guitar is all about strings so the better control you acquire over these strings the better music you will be able to produce. So, during the course, you will be taught how to use your fingers to control the strings and also their music.
    • Ability to play basic notes: Once you gain basic knowledge about everything related to the playing of the guitar. Then you will be able to play the basic notes with the guidance of experts. This would be a bigger step that you would take in guitar playing.
    • Gradual advancement to the playing of songs: Nothing happens in a day or so. You will be taught to play songs gradually, things might be easier in the beginning and it might get quite complex as you reach the end. But the whole motive is to teach you and make you a great guitar player.
    • Learn to read music by listening: While things will be improving gradually, you will also be able to learn read music by listening.
    • Ability to create music on your own: What’s better than being able to create your music? This is the dream of many but not everyone gets the opportunity to learn to play the guitar. But when you have the chance then what are you waiting for?
    • More opportunities: Once you learn to play the guitar, you can become a professional guitar player. You can also try to become a guitar teacher in schools and institutions. If you are looking for something big then you can try reality shows or start your academy. Learn Online Guitar Classes with Oak Groves.


  • A guitar.
  • A little space to accommodate you and the guitar.
  • Focus.
  • Practice.