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Online Piano Classes

Did you know that the music coming from a Piano is not from its keys but from the strings that are present under the keys? The white and the black keys play different notes and together they form a melody. Piano acts as a source of relaxation to the mind and body. It relieves you of stress and soothes your thoughts. Learn Online Piano Classes with Oak Groves.


  • Introduction to Music.
  • Understanding the instrument.
  • Hand and finger movement.
  • Working on speed.
  • Working on postures.
  • Basics of Music – Rhythm and Melody.
  • Rhythmic notations of notes, chromatic scale, etc.
  • Understanding Genres like rock, funk, blues, etc.
  • Covering a couple of super easy songs/tunes.


  • Understanding Triads, Chords, Scales, Arpeggios.
  • Basic music theory concepts like staff notation, key, time, signature, etc.
  • Learning songs with a higher difficulty level.
  • Working on advanced techniques of the instrument.


  • Introduction to Concepts of Composition.
  • Analysing songs to create own songs and tunes.
  • Working on Improvisation.
  • Covering more difficult songs.
  • Singing along with the instrument.


  • Techniques of understanding and playing any song you hear.
  • Advanced compositional techniques.
  • Create complex and beautiful songs.
  • Introduction to production.
  • How to digitally use a DAW to create, record and produce.

Learner’s outcome

  • Learn notes and notations of music.
  • Learn the difference between the keys and the music they create.
  • Ability to understand the music and read it.
  • Ability to create music.
  • Ability to play different songs and symphonies on the Piano.


  • A keyboard/Piano
  • Open mind.
  • Focus.
  • Determination.