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Online Sitar Classes

The sitar is a type of plucked stringed instrument, which is widely considered native to the Indian subcontinent and a dominant musical element in the Indian classical music genre. The instrument is said to have been invented in medieval India, and developed in its form throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The first major breakthrough of the sitar in world music was through the hands of Ravi Shankar, during the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1960s, the instrument found its way in the Western popular music as well, popularized by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and others. However, the trend was short-lived. Today, the sitar continues to be one of the primary musical instruments for Indian classical music, and still enjoys popularity across the world under younger generations of musicians like Anoushka Shankar.

Learner’s outcome

Offers a positive learning experience: Learning a musical instrument can be magical. You never know what can be heard just by pulling a string. When you learn sitar, you learn the most effective instrument. It has been played for ages and the importance of the sitar in music is just like a singer. While you choose to learn sitar you can experience a kind of positivity in the whole process of learning. Because the sitar is an instrument which produces very sweet sounds, these can rule over anyone’s heart.

  • Helps establish mastery over Indian classical music and related styles: Indian classical music has been blindly relying on sitar. Once you learn the skills to play the sitar, you can become a pro in Indian classical music with lesser effort. Earlier sitar was played only in classical music but now sitar is also adopted in other music styles. So, to be close to Indian classical music and also rule over the music industry, you can learn to play the sitar.
  • Improves focus, determination and concentration: Sitar is an instrument which requires focus, concentration and dedication while you play it. This is a string instrument so you can’t go wrong in the distracted mindset because every string has its different value. So, when you become a sitar player you not only become a musician but you also become a better person with great qualities like dedication, concentration, determination and confidence.
  • Releases tension & reduces stress: What do you do when you feel stressed or low? Listen to music, right? Then imagine how better it can be when you would know the art and skills to play the sitar. Sitar has a very soothing sound which can instantly improve your mood by making you feel calm and relaxed. So, if you learn to play the sitar, then you can experience reduced tension and stress.
  • Boosts memory: Your memory is affected by your mental health and your mental health is always affected positively by music. When you learn to play any kind of musical instrument like a sitar, then you can have control over your stress and anxiety. Not only this but you can also promote good physical and mental health in yourself which would boost your memory.
  • Provides great career opportunities: Sitar has been played for centuries and even now many people in India and abroad are keen to learn the skills of playing the sitar. If you learn to play the sitar then you can become a certified trainer or teacher which can open several career opportunities in India and abroad as well.

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