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Online Ukulele Classes

Ukulele is a type of stringed musical instrument having four nylon strings, which is usually played with bare thumb, fingertips or felt picks. The instrument, a member of the lute family of musical instruments, resembles a guitar but is much smaller in size and differs considerably in both construction & style. The modern ukulele flourished in Hawaii during the 19th century, having been originally introduced by the Portuguese in the region.

This stringed instrument commonly comes in four size types, namely the soprano, the concert, the tenor, and the baritone. Each of these types offer different tones & volumes within the ukulele family. Presently, the ukulele can be heard across a diverse range of musical genres & styles, encompassing pop, country, folkloric, regional, and more.

Learner’s outcome

  • The instrument is extremely easy to learn and beginner-friendly: Unlike other musical instruments, Ukulele is quite easy to learn. If you are a beginner and have never tried hands on any musical instrument then you can get set started with one of the finest and easiest musical instruments which is the ukulele.
  • Like any other musical instrument, playing the ukulele cultivates focus, discipline, and concentration: To be a learner it is very important to stay focused, concentrate on what you do and be in discipline. If you lack any of these then you might fail in learning the skills to play the Ukulele. So, when you practice the ukulele daily, you get more focused, stay concentrated and become a more disciplined person.
  • Promotes coordination: Every musical instrument has a connection with the singer and other instrument players. To sync with the chorus and follow the rhythm you need to be attentive. When you gradually get used to playing the ukulele, you will see that it has promoted coordination in you.
  • Rectifies posture: To play an instrument like Ukulele, you need to be in an upright posture, properly holding the instrument and being focused on your instrument. When you continuously play this instrument, you attain a better posture.
  • Relieves stress: Ukulele has a beautiful sound which can immediately relax your upset mind status. If you are stressed out then listening to the ukulele can also help you but it will be more effective when you play the instrument. While you play the ukulele, your whole attention would be on the rhythm and the soothing effects will let you forget about everything else which has been causing stress to you.
  • Helps explore different genres & styles of music: When you learn the skills to play the Ukulele, you can play music of several genres and enjoy being the part of music line. This will let you flaunt your skills on different platforms and it will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Provides a great sense of accomplishment both as a hobby and professional practice: Ukulele has been played for centuries and this smaller version of guitar has always made people wonder about it. If you learn this instrument, you can make it your hobby and also your career option. There are several schools, institutions and other music training academies which teach Ukulele. You can also start your academy and teach on a larger scale.

Take your first step towards learning a stringed musical instrument with the ukulele! Join Online Ukulele course today at Oak Groves and learn from the experts. Learning something new is easy & exciting when you truly want it!



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