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Online Veena Classes

In the Vedic period, the veena was used by the sages to play hymns sung by the gods. Later it was the main instrument of classical music. The veena played a key role in the development of Indian music. For centuries Veena was the most popular instrument in India.

Veena is a stringed instrument used by Indian classical musicians. It is played with two hands and has four strings. It is similar to the violin but smaller. This instrument is used for playing music in India. It is also used as a part of meditation. It is said to be helpful for improving concentration and memory. It is also believed to help improve your patience.

Learner’s outcome

  • Learning About the correct posture: When you learn Veena, you not only learn an instrument but you learn to feel the music before you play. Veena is one of the oldest instruments which is usually played in Indian music. This instrument can teach you a lot of things like dedication, confidence and much more. But the very first thing that you learn from the skills of learning Veena is the correct posture. To play the vena, one needs to adapt the right posture so that one can be comfortable while holding and playing the instrument.
    • Learning about the different parts of Veena: Veena has different parts like the strings, the keys and many other things. So when you learn to play this instrument, you will also be able to learn about the different parts of the Veena. Because learning can not only be practical but it also needs a bit of theory to enhance your knowledge. When you get to know about the different parts of Veena then you will be able to have a better command of the instrument.
    • Learning about different tunes: Veena is not as easy as it seems to be. So, while you learn to play this instrument, you need to learn about the different tunes and to set the tuning as per the music.
    • Learning about notations: Notations are an important part of music, once you gain good command over the notations then you will be able to play better music.
    • Reading the notations: Some people are unaware of reading notations but this is an important part while learning to play the Veena. So, in the process to play the instrument you will also be able to read the notations which will be helpful in future.
    • Creating your music with Veena: Playing other tunes and music is something that everyone can do. So, what should you do to stand out from the crowd? Learn to play the Veena and create your music with the instrument. In this way, you will be able to express yourself in a better way and you can also flaunt your skills and talent everywhere.
    • Opportunities: Once you learn to play the Veena, several opportunities get open for you. You can be a part of any reality show, you can become a full-time musician, you can be a teacher in any school, or you can start your training academy.


  • A Veena
  • Dedication and patience
  • Focus
  • Practice