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Pattachitra Painting

Pattachitra painting is a style of traditional regional art popularly practised in West Bengal, Odisha and Bangladesh. The paintings are made on cloth-based scrolls and were traditionally used as a visual device alongside narrative songs. The main themes in the Pattachitra art typically depict folktales and mythological narratives. Today, they are widely used for ritualistic use as well as souvenirs in the region.

The Pattachitra tradition used a special canvas of cotton cloth layered with tamarind paste and clay powder, but in the present-day, artists paint the Pattachitra style on sarees and other clothes. The traditional practice for Pattachitra art is to use naturally obtained colours, but modern-day artists use commercially available colours like acrylic & poster colours to paint on clothes & canvas.

Today, all you need to do a Pattachitra style painting are simple & easily available paint supplies like:

  • A painting surface like cloth or canvas
  • Acrylic, poster or fabric paint
  • Pencil
  • An easel or a frame
  • Water jar

Learner’s outcome

  • Learning Pattachitra allows you to know more about the local folktales & traditions of Bengal & Odisha.
  • The Pattachitra art has a high artistic value.
  • Pattachitra painting are good if you want to learn about detailings.
  • The essential supplies needed for Pattachitra are inexpensive & easily available.

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  • An interest to learn.