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Pencil Colour Work

Are you of the view that pencil colours are only for children? If you feel so, you are mistaken. Expert artists use thin pencil colours to create exquisite artworks. The popularity of colour pencils as the medium for elegant drawings has increased over the years. The pencils are fast and can help in complex drawing too. Most artists prefer colour pencils with rich colours.

The colour pencil techniques are like those of other media. The cross hatching and hatching techniques can help create complex tones and colours. It requires practice to make the right colour come up from the background. How artists use the pencil colour may vary significantly. The experts find it easy to layer the colours on top of each other to create their masterpieces.

Pencil colour enthusiasts need to select the correct colours. It can help create gorgeous colours. The techniques can differ across the quality of paper being used. It requires special skills to master the colour pencil techniques to help make the masterpieces.

The methodologies used in pencil colour work are fundamental. You will need:

  • A big box of pencil colours
  • Nylon brushes
  • Drafting brushes
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Vinyl eraser
  • A blender
  • A blade

Learner’s outcome

    • You can mix an assortment of colours that helps you see your ideas take fruit.
    • It enhances your artistic values and cognitive thinking capabilities.
    • Showcases your artistic bent of mind.
    • It helps you blend symbolism, imagery, and realism.

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  • An interest to learn.