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Phonetics Classes

We believe in providing them with the training they need in their initial stages. The children have a better option to learn words as there is a focus on letter sounds. Our advanced online teaching techniques will help them understand the word sounds and not simply memories words. They will derive joy as they learn at their own pace. Our personalized phonetics-based teaching methods help your children read out sentences independently. There are stories, songs and sounds through actions to hone your child’s vocabulary.

Learner’s outcome

  • It helps to build a strong vocabulary for your kids. A good vocabulary grasp helps kids understand new languages and language-related learnings easily.
  • It helps to build deeper knowledge about words. Phonetics stresses teaching the sound and accent of each word and helps your child to learn the differences between two similar-sounding alphabets or words.
  • It promotes a clear and correct accent. When kids learn phonetics, they also learn how to utter every alphabet or word correctly.
  • It allows kids to have a good command of language. Phonetics concentrates on the sound and accent of every word and alphabet, which is the basis of language. And when kids learn about phonetics, they get a good command over a language.
  • It helps kids to learn songs and rhymes better. Singing or rhyming can be difficult for many kids. But phonetics training can help them to learn songs and rhymes accurately and effectively.

It helps to improve mental ability in children. Learning new alphabets and how the sound enhances mental ability in kids and stimulates their brains


3 years +