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Water Colour

Watercolour painting, also called aquarelle, is a very old artform where paints made from water soluble pigments are used. Earlier, water soluble colored inks were used, but they have been replaced with modern water colours.

Watercolour art has been a popular method of painting practised since ancient times, and has its own counterparts in East Asia. Almost all the countries across the world have their own watercolour traditions and are today practised as one of the most beginner friendly painting methods.

Using water colours as mediums is not only versatile, but also makes other forms of art like oil painting, ink wash & acrylic art easier to master. Watercolour art is itself very easy to learn, and offers artists better scope to experiment with different art styles & tones. In India, watercolour painting is taught to art students from an early age, helping them to learn & accommodate other art mediums more easily as they grow up.

You shall need very basic supplies for watercolour art.

  • Watercolour paints
  • A jar of water
  • Pain brushes
  • Colour palette for mixing & blending watercolours
  • Paper or canvas
  • A cloth or rag
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil & eraser

Learner’s outcome

  • Easy to set up & clean
  • Affordable paints & supplies
  • Easy to rectify errors
  • Versatile & can be used with other mediums
  • Offers a vibrant & translucent pigment
  • Eco-friendly & better for health as most watercolour paints aren’t toxic

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  • An interest to learn.