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The education journey of the kids is experiencing a halt for the past year. They are experiencing a constant stop-over in their education journey and this is why a misbalance is being seen. No matter what, virtual learning can never be as productive as physical learning was and that is why kids are experiencing a really hard time at home.

Young children must indulge in physical activities with constant interactions with other kids for the strong building of their social skills. As the education industry is seeing a paradigm shift from the past year, digital classrooms have been introduced. Now the question arises, are digital classrooms cum virtual learning as effective as classroom learning? Well, the percentage of the ones saying a “NO” would always be higher than the ones agreeing to it.

Parents and teachers are worried about the growth of the kids. They are more worried about how to bring things back on track and back to normal.

Why Virtual learning not as productive as classroom learning?

Young children need exposure to the outside world so that they can familiarize themselves with everything. In today’s scenario, children of all age groups are indulged in online learning which in turn increases their need for electronic gadgets which is not the right thing for young minds.

Setting the eyes for long hours in front of the screens is concerning both the parents and the teachers.

Although schools are conducting virtual classes for the past year, the outcomes are not coming as expected. Online learning is not viable for children below the age of 6 years and is recommended as well.

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Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

1. Low-quality teaching

Not all institutions offer low-quality teaching but yes, there are several institutes or schools, which hire teachers with no teaching background as it doesn’t cost them much. But this is not the right approach to be followed. It can be a serious reason for the bad growth of a child.
Before enrolling your kid in any institution, do demand a trial class. Why? As it will give you a clear overview of the teaching style and several other factors.

2. No face-to-face interactions

Building a formal relationship with a teacher requires face to face interaction which is missing in virtual classes. As a result, children fail to make a smooth bonding with their teachers. That makes them hesitant to ask their teachers for their queries. This is not the right approach in the initial stage of learning for a kid.

3. Severe headaches

Switching to an online mode of learning can make your kid unfit. How? As it requires constantly sitting in front of the screen for a long duration which causes eye pains, itching and severe headaches. To curb this issue, it is recommended to book an appointment with an eye specialist for a complete eye check-up and to get eyeglasses.

Along with that, you must force your child to take regular breaks from computers and laptops as they might be experiencing high eye strains.

Experts recommend enabling a 20-20-20 rule which means to take frequent breaks after every 20 minutes.

How can kids start to be demotivated and emotionally weak?

COVID-19 has been in the news for quite some time now. It is a part of many television debates, conversations and others. These conversations can be so demotivating for a child and at the same time, possess a threatening impact on their minds. So, it is recommended to keep them away from these conversations and try to indulge them in other activities which can interest them.

Some benefits of virtual learning

It is important to know that things that come with demerits always have some or other merits. This is the case with virtual classes. Although the number of demerits is higher than the merits, let’s see what those are:

1. Ease of learning

This is one of the biggest advantages of online learning. With the ease of learning from home, kids do not have to juggle early morning to catch their school bus with sleepy eyes. There are no fixed schedules for online classes. It gives ease to students to plan their day with a focus on other activities as well. Oakgroves provide Best online classes.

2. Convenient costs

Online classes are convenient in many ways. Along with ease of learning, it also offers some cost cuts like no commuting costs, parking, car maintenance, etc.

This is another advantage which we obviously cannot deny.


Although this is a worrying time, we need to be more cautious and at the same time focus on the long term effects of the same for our kids. Focus on making strategies for your child that they are easily able to adapt to and at the same time grasp with a lasting effect.

Hope to see the full recovery soon with proper classroom learning!

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