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We want our children to be smart and do well in their lives. As parents, you must be well aware of the efforts and hard work that come into play when choosing the best out of all institutions for your children when they reach the school-going age. However, before having your children admitted to any school, where they are going to spend the next 13-15 years, it is essential for them to get a base of what really is essential before school. Yes, we are talking about pre-school! Some parents often disregard the importance of pre-school and make a huge blunder of admitting their kids into schools directly where they aren’t able to cope with the syllabus. 

In this article, we shall enlist the top 10 best pre-schools in Bangalore:

      1. Oak Groves Online pre-school

  • Oak Groves provides the finest courses online that not only help you save time on travelling all the way but also cater to your child’s requirements by personal assistance in an online interface. 
  • The best teachers help instill eagerness and energy in your child with utmost love, care and affection. 
  • It is one of the best educational learning institutes near you, with courses like handwriting and speed writing, and also attend concept courses. 
  • It helps your child indulge in activities that kids normally their age must be doing. 
  • This institution gives your child the space to not just learn the very basics related to academics but also indulge in fun activities like playing, making friends, communicating and effective response to any stimulus.

       Go on to their website for more information:

      2.Kido International Pre School (Safari Kid playschool)

  • Providing your child with a kid-friendly environment is something special about this pre-school, for your child to have a wonderful learning time in school. 
  • The fact that children receive individual attention adds to their speciality so as to achieve their best in learning and development of skills. 
  • Their non-classroom learning experience initiates interactive, friendly and fun ways of learning.


       3. Head Start Montessori, Koramangala

  • This pre-school in Bangalore is about 35 years old and stands as one of the oldest in Bangalore. 
  • Nurturing the uniqueness of every child while helping them discover and learn adds to Head Start Montessori’s uniqueness. 
  • Children may be able to find harmony within themselves by being a part of this pre-school. 
  • They are welfare-driven and never market-oriented towards promotion. 
  • Connecting deeply to human reality and the world around them is what Head Start Montessori pre-school helps achieve.
  • The philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori is incorporated in their teaching methodology.
  • There is a ratio of 1:15 between the teachers and students with trained and qualified teachers.
  • From 15 months to 2.5 years is the admissions to the Early Years Program and from 2.5 years to 6 years is the Pre-Primary program.
  • A wide range of activities like art, music and play takes place in this pre-school with a planned learning experience.
  • There is also a pen play area with a sandpit and an indoor play area with AstroTurf.


      4. Neev pre-school, Indiranagar

  • This pre-school promotes building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with the people around and the environment. 
  • What reflects their strong belief is the fact that every child must be taught to exercise their passion and perseverance to achieve goals, strong traditional values and mutual respect in any relationship. 
  • The child is prepared to face the world well as an independent individual.
  • Their teaching methodology is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences, i.e., inter/intrapersonal, kinesthetics, linguistic, mathematical, musical and spatial development.
  • There is also the presence of a theme-based integrated learning experience.
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:9.
  • If your child is between 1.6 -6 years, they can get admission.
  • Well-equipped classrooms, well-stocked library, computer room, playground and garden, fine and performing arts studio, and so on count as the facilities of this pre-school.
  • There are full-day programs held for K1 and K2.


     5. Wecare play school, Bangalore


  • Wecare pre-school helps your children experiment with their curiosity by providing an environment for them to explore their talents and abilities. 
  • They strongly believe that the individuality of every child needs to be respected, and thus, take measures to help them grow in a positive and confident environment. 
  • This pre-school commits itself to offering the most amazing quality early-childhood education.
  • Wecare pre-school follows an integrated teaching methodology based on the theory of multiple intelligence.
  • The age group for admission is from 6 weeks (day-care) to 6 years.
  • There is full-day and half-day schooling.
  • The presence of well-equipped daycare and afterschool facilities lies unique to this playschool.
  • Nutritious meals are an excellent addition.
  • Language center, library, science center, art center, fine motor center, space for sand and water play and indoor play areas with ride-on, bikes, cars, tunnels and so on are special facilities provided in this playschool.


       6. Indus Early Learning Centre, Koramangala 


  • This centre facilitates the learning process by engaging students in making real-world connections through curiosity, exploration and high-level questioning. 
  • Their unique way encourages students to engage in problem-solving and experiential learning, which makes Indus Early Learning Centre one of the best pre-schools in Bangalore. 
  • This pre-school offers a good teaching methodology divided into five areas such as language, numeracy, science, personal and physical and arts.
  • Qualified coaches for swimming, Wi-Fi campus, well-equipped classrooms, interactive smart-boards, library, laptops for children, performing arts studio and fine arts studio are some incentives provided by this institute.
  • Good parental and staff-teacher environments are add-ons.
  • There is a presence of well-trained and highly qualified teachers.


       7. Fun and Learn Pre School, RT Nagar

  • Fun and Learn pre-school empowers, recognizes and optimizes your child’s potential to excel in academics as well as in physical, social and cultural development. 
  • Knowledge, values, and life skills are taught to the children through proper research and structured content.
  • A combination of Montessori and Kindergarten teaching methodology is employed.
  • The teachers are well-trained and have an opportunity to attend workshops.
  • The support staff treat kids with love, warmth and concern.
  • The teacher-student ratio of 3:20.
  • There is a 2000sq.ft play area with a large sandpit that has the potential to accommodate 20 children at once.
  • Even hot water bathrooms and transport facilities are there.
  • The fact that freshly cooked food for lunch, followed by milk and snacks in the evening, is an absolute delight.
  • There is also a day-care from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
  • Innovative methods of teaching such as singing, art & craft, role plays, outdoor games, and fun activity sheets are employed.


      8. FirstCry Intellitots (Oi Playschool), J.P.Nagar


  • Every child is provided with the best learning experience in this playschool.
  • FirstCry Intellitots prepares them for the future and how to face the world tomorrow. 
  • “Learn While Doing” seems like a motto of theirs that allows every child to think and explore while also stimulating their curiosity. 
  • Even practical learning experiences are provided that inculcate a love for learning among the children.
  • This experiential learning approach allows the kids to create beautiful, realistic, interactive, and sensory-stimulating learning experiences.


        9. Bright kid school, Peenya


  • Bright kid school, Peenya happens to incorporate Montessori principles.
  • It involves motivating your child to be creative, determined, independent and self-confident by creating an environment fulfilling enough for them. 
  • Children are allowed to explore things on their own. 
  • They are even taught the gravity and importance of being respectful, concerned and compassionate towards one another. 


        10. Little feat Montessori, Koramangala


  • Little feat Montessori pre-school aims at helping children reach their full intellectual, physical, psychological and social potential by acquiring new skills. 
  • To achieve their best poses a good challenge for them.
  • This is facilitated at the child’s own natural pace.
  • The absorption of exciting instructional materials, gentle discipline and fun-filled activities promote the idea of it being one of the best pre-schools in Bangalore.


Learn with us:

Want your child to be word-smart and articulate in academics and communication? Make sure to get your child’s admission done into our online teaching platform at Oak Groves for the best of results at an affordable price! We assure you that by the time your children are ready to go to school, they will have all that is required there and will also be able to cope quite well. 

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