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Within a very few gaps of years, new programming languages are created which happen to outdo the popularity of the previous ones. While it may pose a threat to the already-existing ones, it may be highly beneficial to society in general. 

Due to a thorough competition, both old and new programming languages are bettering their technologies and systems to cater to the needs of the present times. In this article, we shall enlist the top programming languages of 2022.

  • Python

Having an easy-to-learn syntax, Python has a huge popularity base, especially amongst beginners. Its popularity is proven by the fact that even after 30 years of the creation of this language by Guido van Rossum, its popularity hasn’t declined in any way, in fact, it is ever-growing. 


  • It allows the user the space to create various kinds of applications like Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Reddit, Dropbox, Google Search, Discus, Uber, YouTube and so on. Many websites, artificial Intelligence software and games may also be created with the help of Python, thus, establishing its feature of creating multiple possibilities.
  • It is flexible, object-oriented, general-purpose programming and programmers knowing this language are highly demanded by IT recruitment agencies.
  • Due to this huge following and community, it has been deemed the top programming language in TIOBE and PYPL Index.
  • Stack Overflow claims Python to be the most popular backend programming language with the most wanted technology. 
  • Even amongst Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers, it is the most popular language.
  • One of its greatest advantages is that the time required to test the code is quite reduced due to the interactive features of Python, for instance, quick code tests.

For all these reasons, Python has topped our list of programming languages for 2022. Learn with Oakgroves.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript comes second in our list due to the following advantages that it possesses:


  • As per the survey by Stack Overflow Developers, JavaScript is not only the most popular programming language but also the third most-wanted programming language in 2021. 
  • Even the hiring managers back in 2020 claimed it to be the most demanded technology apart from being the most popular language.
  • It shares a few common features with Python. Just like Python has a strong community and such features that make it an easy-to-learn-and-work programming language, so is the case with JavaScript. It also helps in the working of many websites. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms for building dynamic elements on the website.
  • However, JavaScript doesn’t have competition if a frontend for your website, application or software needs to be created. 


  1. Java

Java is considered one of the most popular programming languages. It comes third on our list. However, despite being the “it” language in the years 2005 and 2015, its popularity seems to be declining over the years which is quite evident in the data provided by TIOBE INDEX.


  • Besides its declining popularity among the masses, Java is still quite a stable and promising language in many large corporations. For instance, renowned companies like NASA, Netflix, LinkedIn, Amazon, Spotify, Uber and so on still use this programming language.
  • As per Stack Overflow, it is the fifth most popular technology.
  • Java is also now used in web development, mobile applications and even Big Data. 
  • Being the primary programming language for Android devices, the demand for Java will still be quite high. 


  1. Go

Go is a technology that was developed by Google back in 2007.


  • Learning this programming language will prepare you to get a list of well-paid jobs. Thus, in the present time, it is one of the most-paid technologies and the second most demanded backend programming language. 
  • As per Stack Overflow, the median of people knowing this programming language has a yearly salary of around $76k.
  • It is used for developing web apps and APIs.
  • Although Go is low on growth rate as compared to the above programming languages, it is still classified as highly sought after in the skills. This is because of its features of being reliable, efficient and easy to learn and work. This general-purpose programming language has a clean, clear and simple syntax making it easy to work with.
  • Like Python, Go is used to create AI-based systems. Thus, its popularity will most likely continue to grow in future.


  1.  C / C++

Being one of the oldest programming languages, a few other programming languages such as JavaScript and C# are derived from it, with C++ as an extended version of C.


  • According to the TIOBE Index, currently, after Python, C is the second most popular language.
  • C is one of the favorites of programmers due to its quickness and efficiency.
  • Being a kind of universal language, both of these languages can be used for the purpose of compilation for many systems.
  • High performance is the key feature of both these languages (C and C++); thus, they are commonly used to build different applications. 


  1. C#

C# is an object-oriented, high-level, general-purpose programming language that originated as the answer to Java by Microsoft.


  • It is used by global giants such as Slack and Pinterest. Currently, C# is ranked #5, according to the TIOBE ranking.
  • This effective technology was developed to create Windows apps, mobile apps, video games, anti-hacking software, VR and a lot more. 
  • C# is closely integrated with the .NET platform, which is both a framework and a runtime environment because the .NET framework came to Linux and Mac systems, it is quite possible to create native software in this programming language for any platform virtually. 


  1. R

The popularity of R is substantiated by the idea of it being vividly used by many companies, including huge companies like Google and Facebook.


  • Like Python, R is one of the most widely used programming languages in Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • Being a programming language that is popular along with data analytics, it is generally required in job offers. Therefore, if you know this programming language, you will be on the list of potential job-holders in certain great companies.
  • This programming language allows programmers to create machine learning algorithms as it has a built-in library.
  • Due to the intensively growing popularity and demand for AI solutions, this technology will definitely be worth witnessing in 2022.


  1. Ruby

Ruby, developed in the 1990s, is an interpreted, fully object-oriented programming language.


  • As per some research, it is the 6th top-paying programming language in the world.
  • It is easy to learn and has a technology with a simple syntax, mostly used for scripting, text processing, and prototyping new applications.
  • Owing to its popularity and stability, huge companies like Starbucks, Twitch, Shopify and Tumblr use Ruby as their go-to programming language. 
  • The massive web frameworks and applications written in this language, such as the well-known Ruby on Rails, are Ruby’s significant advantage.


  1. Kotlin

The programming language Kotlin is part of the JVM family. 


  • It is concise and easy when it comes to reading and maintaining this programming language. 
  • Kotlin has a safe and intelligent compiler that can run on a variety of systems. 
  • Google apps are actually based on Kotlin. In 2019, Google announced that Kotlin is now its preferred language for Android apps. As a result, the interest and popularity of this programming language noticeably increased. 
  • Despite having a smaller community of software developers than Java, it is much more liked, preferred and better paid.
  • Learning Kotlin in 2022 may be the right choice if you are someone who is interested in Android app development and wishes to pursue it as a career. 


  1. Swift

Swift is a programming language created by Apple in 2014 that replaced Objective-C which was previously used by the company.


  • According to TIOBE, the popularity of Swift is on the rise again due to which it is a technology worth knowing in 2022 as well.
  • Swift as a technology is used mainly in devices running macOS, iOS, and Linux.
  • Since Apple is one of the leading brands even in the current times, Swift will continue to be a big player in the year 2022. 
  • Having a syntax similar to Java and C#, it allows programmers to write applications for computers, smartphones, TVs, watches, tablets, and servers.

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